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How to Setup Gmail in Outlook

Gmail may be a well-liked selection for email, and you'll be able to get this as a part of the Google Apps suite to use an email at your domain

How to Setup Gmail Account in Outlook

Your Gmail account is accessed anyplace victimization associate degree email app on your phone or by work on to, however, you will favor using Outlook to access your email. This tutorial can walk you thru the setup method in Outlook for your Gmail account.

Enable IMAP and Outlook access in Google

In order to attach Outlook to Gmail, you'll need| to initial alter the IMAP association that Outlook will use.

1.Log in to your Google Apps account at, and click on the gear button to access your settings

2.Click "Settings"

3.Go to the "Forwarding and POP/IMAP" tab

4.Click the radio button to "Enable IMAP". you'll be able to leave the default settings for the extra choices that seem, unless you specifically wish to alter them.

5.Save your changes

6.Now, you will need to click this link to permit Outlook to log in to your account:

7.Next, confirm your account is unbolted by visiting this link and clicking "Continue":

How do I Setup Gmail Account in Outlook

2. Second step Add a brand new IMAP Account In Outlook

These directions assume you're ranging from scratch to line up associate degree new email account in Outlook. If area unit you're change to Gmail however are keeping associate degree email address that you simply have already got originated as POP3, you may still have to be compelled to produce a brand new one, since Outlook will not allow you to modify the account kind.

Steps :

1.Open Outlook and go to File Section >> Account Settings and click New to add an account (or Change an existing IMAP account) 

2.Choose "Manual Setup" and then choose "POP or IMAP"

3. Enter the settings as summarized in the table above, or use the following image screenshot for reference:

4.Click "More Settings" and continue entering the information

5.Click "OK" and then "Next" and correct any errors, then "Finish"

Your Account is successfully connected with the Gmail. If you are unable to follow the given steps & unsuccessful to Setup Gmail account in outlook call technical POP/IMAP customer service executives for setup the outlook.



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