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10 signs that your computer is infected with a virus

If you are facing some issues while using the computers or are confused about that is your computer is infected with a virus then don’t worry there are various symptoms that help you to resolve these issues. If your system start running slow or for any other reason then your system is infected with the virus. You have to make sure to verify that appropriately. Below are the 10 symptoms of computer viruses that are helpful for you to identify whether your system is infected or not.

10 signs that a PC is infected with a virus

Here are the top 10 signs that your computer is infected with a virus below mentioned, if your system is infected then you follow the below-mentioned things:-

  • Slow down your system than usual- system slows down appear when you are doing some database and intensive work but if you are not doing some work and your system slows down then the possibility of infection in your system is more. 
  • Automatic power off and start- If you notice that your system is starting and shutting down automatically then this may be because of the infection malware present in your system. When you set the system at start-up then your system can able to start and shut down automatically. 
  • You get unknown notifications- this is also very common that while you working on your system then you receive an unknown or strange notification on your system screen. Adware is the most common virus that presents in the system. 
  • Corrupted or missing files- In your system, if you received any corrupted and missing files then all this is due to the malware infection that appears. You may also see some error message notifications pop up on your system screen while working. 
  • There may be some changes appearing on your browser home page- the most common indicator of the malware is that whenever you open your browser then you see some changes on your homepage settings. The infection changes your settings to the default to redirect you to some other site that contains more viruses.
  • Software security is disabled- there are some viruses that enter your security system security and disable the antivirus or other security options that help other viruses to enter your system. 
  • Your computer battery life draining- when you noticed that the battery life of your system is started draining as compared to the other time then this is happening due to the malware viruses that are present in your device and using the background resources.
  • Tons of sending emails files that you never send- you may ever see that on your mail id that there are so many sent emails on your app but you didn’t send any emails from your mailing address then this is due to the malware viruses that send out phishing emails by hundreds from your emails. 
  • Your system disk is full- there are many viruses that create duplicate or copy your system files and then fill all the disk spaces. 
  • When an unknown app sends you a scary warning- the viruses enter your system any files and can send you the warning. Also, creating and distributing fake anti-viruses are normal to resolve the issues that appear on your system.

10 sure-fire symptoms of computer viruses

Hope that all the details of information mentioned regarding the 10 sure-fire signs your computer has a virus will help full for you and troubleshoot all the issues that appear on your system. If you facing any of those issues then your system has viruses.

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