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The computer slows down after installing McAfee antivirus

There is no doubt that McAfee is one of the famous antivirus providers as they deliver incredible facilities. But Many users reported that after installing McAfee, the computer slowed down. MacAfee protects the device from malicious software and other virus attacks. But specific system resources ensure that the protection must be active and complete. If you find that after installing McAfee antivirus, your computer is slow, you can check the given information and act accordingly. 

Why is my computer slow after installing antivirus?

There are various reasons behind the issue of computer slow down. Following are the points that you can check appropriately:

Automatic scanning:

Your computer may be slowed down as you have automatic scanning enabled on the device. Automatic scanning can be better if your computer has enough space or memory. 

Multiple scanning:

Some antivirus or protection offer the option to scan the computer only. On the other hand, McAfee offers the facility to get an active protection plan against the thread. In this, more than one protection will be processed to scan and can slow down the computer.

Automatic updates:

If your McAfee software is set to an automatic update, then this will slow down your computer. The processor can also slow down on the dial-up connection. 

Low-rated computer:

Although, your computer does not meet the minimum requirement for the McAfee software. This will slow down the computer, and you need to check the McAfee website to know the minimum software requirements. 

Multiple software programs:

You may face problems if your computer has multiple software programs installed on the system. This is the reason that the various programs are not permitting each other. There must be one software installed on the computer for smooth functioning. 

How do I speed up my computer with McAfee?

In the real-time scanning section, an option grants you to specify how the software must be loaded when you open the computer. You boost up the relevant speed using the below simple steps:

  • First, open the official web portal of McAfee antivirus.
  • Then, you can tap on the login button and type the correct username and password. 
  • Once your McAfee account opens, you can proceed to the windows security product.
  • You can tap on the settings tab on the left menu and move to the new screen.
  • At there, choose the general settings option and tap on the startup settings tab.
  • You can tap on the I want the fastest startup time from the different options.
  • With this, you can apply the changes and get the confirmation message immediately.
  • Once you speed up the software, McAfee will wait till your computer is fully up or act before the real-time scanning. 

Moreover, if you are unable to speed up the computer with McAfee on your own, you can communicate with the representative. They will help you to solve the issue and speed up the computer. You can see the different ways to communicate with the representative on their contact section, such as phone, chat, email, or social media.

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