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Can QuickBooks Pro 2021 be installed on multiple computers?

QuickBooks is an accounting software package known for managing income and expenses. Small and medium-sized enterprises mostly use it. If you are also confused about can QuickBooks pro-2021 be installed on multiple computers?Then you will be glad to know that the QuickBooks pro-2021 allows you to install to 3 different users simultaneously. But to install multiple users, you must have a network and license to use the software. You can easily install the software by using the steps mentioned below.

How to install QuickBooks pro-2021 on multiple computers?

If you have many employees who frequently use QuickBooks, you can install the software on multiple computer devices for multiple users. You must follow the steps below to install QuickBooks pro on two computers. Remember you will require two different licenses to install the QuickBooks on an additional computer.

Insert the QuickBooks CD into your device. The software installer will automatically open. If it doesn't open, click the 'Start" button on your desktop and press the "explore" tab. Select the QuickBooks CD from the folder and right-click on the folder. After that, press "Setup. Ex' to start the installation. If you have downloaded the software from, double-click the icon, and your installation will start.

Seven steps to Install QuickBooks on Multiple Computers:

  • Next, click on 'I agree to all the terms and conditions on the License Agreement Page, ' then press the 'next' button.
  •  An interface will appear, select the 'express" tab and choose the "custom and network' option to give access to the software across the network.
  • A page will appear where you must enter the license and product number.
  • Then you have to press the 'next' tab and browse the location where you want to store the software.
  • After selecting the location, click on the "next" tab, and your installation will be completed in a few seconds.
  • You must do the same procedure to install the QuickBooks software on another computer.

Above all, the mentioned information will guide and help you how to install the QuickBooks pro-2021 on multiple computers. This multi-user installation will help you manage your company's income and expenses. You can also easily use it to create invoices and pay income and other kinds of taxes. In case the way mentioned above does not work out for you, then you can get support from the customer service of QuickBooks by calling on their toll-free number; their experts are always there to help the customers.

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