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How can I ask google a question?

Humans are curious by nature. As soon as they come across something they don't know, they need to investigate it. If they don't remember something, they need to find out on the spot. Necessity is the mother of invention, and rightly so, soon after evolution, humans developed Google. The number one stop for finding out about every topic, every detail you can possibly think about. There is not a single topic you wouldn't find information on Google. So you need an answer, you go to Google, but what would you do if there comes a moment you say, "How can I ask Google a question?" What would you do if you wanted to have a one-on-one with Google? If that is your case, then this article is going to be very helpful for you. 

Various Methods You Can Adopt To Talk To Google

You can start from anywhere; what matters is if you are comfortable with the route you take. Google acknowledges this, and hence you have many options to choose from.

Through Google Voice Assistant

Are you aware that you have your own Google Voice assistant? It’s vastly available to everyone. You use your own voice to access this service.

  • You need to have Google on the device you wish to use.
  • Next, you go to settings and activate Google assistant from the app list.
  • To use this feature, you need to tap the Google icon and say, "Ok Google!". 
  • The assistant will capture your voice and ask you to ask your question. 

Then you simply speak your query, and the assistant will not only find your solution but also give a brief answer. 

So for people who were questioning, How do I ask Google a question by voice?, use this feature carefully when you want to multitask, want a quick answer, can't use your own hands, or when you are simply bored.  

Through Help Center

The Google help center is specially curated by the research team to enable the general public to reach Google.

  • You open your search engine, anyone would work, and you type the address for the Google support page. 
  • You open the help center, and then you can look for your reason for connecting. 
  • You can click the community help center link to reach a more prominent solution. 

The help center is very useful if you need troubleshooting for Google-related products. You connect with its support team to get support for it. 

Through Google Search Engine

This part brings you to a full circle. If you want to talk to Google, you can use the search engine as well. It is available everywhere, and anyone can access it. You can type in your question, or you can speak your question. 

Through Google Apps

Google has multiple apps under its belt, and each one serves a specific domain. If you have a specific query, you can Ask the Google app to provide you with a solution. Like if you want to read a book, you can refer to Google Books, or if you need to know how to schedule an email to be sent at a particular time, you can ask the Gmail app itself. Each platform/app will automatically provide answers for itself.

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