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A guide to installing Mediacom Internet by yourself 

Modems and Routers are very important when it comes to setting up the internet. They are very important for the internet service they provide. Rather than having two devices, Mediacom is one of the leading media connections, has improved its services, and made just one device to perform both of the tasks. They are known to never compromise on their internet speed.

Now, like any other device of Mediacom, Customers are given two options to download this device, one is to get professional help, and the other is self-installation. You chose self-installation and are now wondering, "How do I set up my new Mediacom router?" Then you should follow the below mentioned guide and know the steps for self-installation of Mediacom internet.

Steps to self-install Mediacom Internet

If you want to self-install Mediacom Internet, it requires a cable outlet. If you have internet set up at your place, then it is going to be easy for you to connect. But, if you don’t own an internet cable outlet, then it is advisable to take help from the Mediacom customer activation center. 

However, if you have a cable outlet and you choose to go for self-installation, then make sure that you have your installation kit with you. Follow the steps mentioned below to install Mediacom internet.

  • The primary thing you have to do is to connect your modem. Find your coaxial cable and splitters in your installation kit if you don’t have a wall outlet. 
  • If you have a wall outlet, then connect your coaxial cable to the back of your modem and to your wall outlet. Connect the power cord to the back of your modem, and then plug the power cord into the power outlet. And you are done.
  • If you want to share a hook up with the television, then use your splitters and coaxial cable given in the installation kit. Disconnect the coaxial cable which is in your tv and connect it to one of the two ports of the splitters. Now connect the coaxial cable in your kit to the splitters and connect it to the wall outlet. Now take the last coaxial cable right next to the television’s coaxial cable. And finally, connect your power cord to the television and to your power outlet. 
  • Connect your ethernet cable to the back of your computer, and the other end to the modem stated “Ethernet cable.” This will activate your modem for the internet.
  • Go to the Mediacom portal and activate your Wi Fi service with the steps written on the welcome letter and the manual. 

How can I install Mediacom Internet myself?

Now, you have your answers to “How can I install Mediacom Internet myself?” You can easily install the Mediacom services to enjoy all the services of the Mediacom internet. If you don’t have a Mediacom cable TV, then you can skip setting up your device with the cable TV and just connect the Mediacom modem and work swiftly. But it is often considered amazing if you have a Mediacom cable TV as you will be able to enjoy your favorite shows. Mediacom cable TV is a better way to enjoy your daily favorite shows.

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