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How Can You Recover the AOL Account?

At times, the users have forgotten their email id, as well as their password and they, do need to recover their password and email id. The users need to follow the below-written ways to recover their AOL account instead of the login process with the wrong password or credential and recover their account and get the services you need from them. You can quickly recover your account. The process is straightforward and convenient to follow through and get the benefits from AOL. 

The steps to know AOL Account Recovery

Herein, the steps through which you How do I recover my AOL account and access the services of AOL. 

  • First and foremost, do visit the official site of the AOL account. 
  • Click on the web browser and open up the AOL mail login page. 
  • Do visit or sign in to their account into your AOL account.
  • Under this step, enter your recovery phone number or click on the continue .or either your email. 
  • Put your full name across, which includes your name and your last name. 
  • Do click on the submit, and soon, you will get the verification code on your registered mobile number. 
  • Put the verification code which AOL provides. 
  • Once you put the code, press the enter, and under the next screen, you can see an old account of yours and choose a one you wish to operate from the given account visible on your screen.  
  • Choose an account you wish to access at your convenience and put it across your password. 
  • Once you have put on the correct password, the email does click on the submit. 
  • Once you do click on the submit, if you have put across the proper credential, you can click on the advance, and your account will be easily traceable, and you will be able to track your AOL account and get the services that you do require. 

How do I get my AOL account back online?

The ways mentioned above will guide you about the process of AOL account recovery and the different ways you will easily be able to recover your AOL account and get the services you require from AOL. You can recover your account through a simple process.

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