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How to fix the computer network when it is not showing any wifi connection?

There are many glitches that can arise when users are using their computers, and one of them can be due to a poor network connection or wifi not connecting to the computer or any other devices. Several users come up with queries like how do i fix if computer not showing wifi networks? Such issues can appear multiple times and are very common among the users. They might not be aware of the exact issues causing such problems, and hence, they are not aware of the fixing method. There are many ways that users can go through and know the main cause of the issues. Some of the issues are mentioned below:

Some issues that are causing wifi not to connect to the computer:

If users come up with the questions on What to do when you can't connect to wireless, they should be aware of the exact issue and how they will sort out their problems. The problems and the methods to fix them are as follows:

  • Troubleshooting the wireless connection: when users face a problem related to the wifi on their computers, they can follow the troubleshooting process to Fix Wi-Fi Network Not Showing Up. Users have to see if all the cables are connected to the plugs of the wireless connection. Check whether your wifi is turned on on the devices that users are using to connect.
  • Start the modem and router accordingly: if users restart the modem or router again after turning them off, it will work properly. If there is anything wrong with the router or modem, it will start working again.
  • Check the network connection: before connecting the computers to the wifi connection, users have to ensure proper privacy and protection to the connection. Once users have checked them properly, they can easily connect the device with the internet connection via wifi. To fix the connectivity, users have to enter the SSID number and other details.
  • Check the interference: there are possibilities that users might get interference on their internet connection due to which they are not able to connect the wifi accurately. It can happen when other appliances are present at the home or offices like microwaves, fluorescent lights, or other wireless devices. 

Causes of the glitches appearing on the wifi connection:

To know the causes that can most probably form the glitches, users can follow the information mentioned below:

  • When the device is not in the range of the router, users face issues that are not connecting to the wifi connection of their router. This can happen when the operating device is not under the range of the router or modem.
  • Viruses: the issues can be seen when any kind of virus or malware attacks the router or modem. Users have to be aware of such troubles that are preventing the wifi connection with the computers.
  • Wifi adapter is not turned on: sometimes the real problem is not any glitches on the wifi connection but the user from the main plug does not turn on the adapter. That is why it is important to double-check the main switch's plug before connecting with the wifi connection.

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