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Multiple ways to get a refund from Skyscanner easily 

Skyscanner is an excellent platform to provide the best services to their passenger. So, if you reserved the flight ticket with it and, as per the new Skyscanner refund covid policy, you have to cancel the flight, and you cancel it. For this reason, you are searching for the mode to get a refund for this Skycannner cancellation because you don’t know how to do it. So, here are the steps to quickly get it. In addition, to attain the refund, it is necessary to know how do I get a request a refund from Skyscanner. Therefore, to get it, you must pursue the following article, which is situated below.

Request a refund via form-

quickly get a refund from the Skyscanner. Therefore, to get this, you need to go through the steps that are:

  • Navigate the Skyscanner web page on your search engine.
  • Then, login into your account with your required details
  • After that, you must click on the manage booking option and enter your booking number and last name.
  • And select the tab of retrieve booking.
  • On the next page, look for the cancel option and click on it.
  • Cancel your reservation; under the cancel option, you will see the refund tab.
  • Get it, and the refund form opens. Enter all the relevant information in the form 
  • Then, submit it to them. 

Further, it received its request refund form successfully submitted to them. And you will get the refund in up to 24 business days.

Through customer service, request a refund-

therefore, to get the refund, you need to go to the official website of Skyscanner. You need to go to the contact page, take the phone number, and dial it. After that, call the live person, share the reliable details with them, and request a refund. And get your money back in up to 24 business days. 

Hence, with article how do I get a refund from Skyscanner, you will readily attain your rebate. 

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