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How do I get OK Google to talk back? 

Are you facing issues with the ‘Talkback’ feature on your android device? You have landed at the exact right place. This article will cover everything that one needs to know as far as How do i get ok google to talk back?  the query is concerned. 

Let us begin with the steps that will allow you to turn Talkback on for your device. Talkback is not a permanent service and one can turn it on or off based on their preference. Here are the steps to turn on Google Talkback for your android device: 

  • With volume key shortcut.
  • With Google assistant. 
  • With device setting

Let us consider these steps in detail. People can contact the customer service team at Google for help if faced with any complications or issues. 

How do I get Google to talk to me when I ask it a question?

Google users can follow the below-mentioned steps that are as follows: 

Google users can locate the volume keys present on the side of their device. 

Users need to press and hold both volume keys. Do this for 3 seconds. 

Next, users need to confirm their selection by selecting volume keys again for three seconds. 

Note: users need to enable the volume key shortcuts otherwise the above-mentioned steps will not work. Visit the accessibility shortcut option in order to access Google Talkback. 

Google Talkback will spell the password and this is the default setting. One can change this setting from the menu on the device. This will enable Google Talkback to only speak password when headphones are connected. 

People can also stick to other options in order to turn on Google Talkback such as using a Google Assistant. The steps are: 

  • Say ‘Hey Google. 
  • Say ‘ Turn on Talkback’ or ‘Turn off Talkback’. 

Delivering these commands will allow you to get started with Google Talkback and you can turn it on or off on your command using Google Assistant installed on your Android Device. 

Why won't my Google TalkBack to me?

People may face issues with the Talkback feature on their device and it will not work if you have not enabled it. So first and foremost, people can check whether the Google Talkback feature is enabled or not. If Google Talkback is not enabled, users can enable it by sticking to the below-mentioned steps: 

  • First and foremost, people need to select the ‘Settings’ option on their devices. 
  • Next, users need to select the Accessibility option followed by the Talkback option on their device. 
  • People need to select the ‘Use Talkback’ option and then they can either turn it on or off. 
  • Hit the OK option and you are able to save your choice. 

People can use the volume key shortcut in order to handle the Google Talkback option for their devices. If you are unable to handle the Google Talkback option on your own, you can seek assistance and help from the customer service representatives at Google by communicating to them via multiple options available on the official support page released by Google.

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