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How do I Set up Google Voice?

Google voice is a free and easy-to-use online worldwide service. A single google device will ring in through all your different devices. Google Voice is a telephone service that Google provides to all its customers within a given time. 

Google launches the google voice if you have a landline at your home or have a business phone number. The ways mentioned above will guide you How to install google voice apps? Doable to get good services from them. It's pretty confusing to use three phones; it's better to download the google voice number, and one can easily get connected there to you instead of using multiple services for them. 

Google voice is an excellent source of merging multiple communication channels. Google Voice does offer you a cheap rate even if you do get a or make an international calling (and free SMS ) service which does save your time as well as effort, and you are easily able to get or reach out to the people who do save your time as well your efforts.  

Herein, the steps through which you can easily set up google voice.  

Know set up Google Voice on your computer

The simplest way to set up the voice is to visit the google voice website on the computer and click on the option which says get google voice.     

Herein, the ways to set up the google voice on your computer. 

  • The page will then prompt you to select which device you'll be using the service and click on the web you duly get within a given time. 
  • You will be asked to read and accept google terms and conditions within a given time frame and click on the continue. 
  • Google does provide you the phone number to match your region, type your area code and choose from google's available selection.  
  • Under the next page, you need to verify your existing Phone number. Do click on the verify and google to forward your calls and click send code (Which does send across to you ). 
  • Once you have received google's text or call, type it into the website, click and verify, and check it accordingly.
  • It makes you click finish twice then you're setting it up.
  • Do repeat the process of entering in a phone number, and Google will send across the verification code via text or calling and get good services from google voice and get the services you require from them.   

Ways to Set up the Google Voice on your Mobile Device.

  • Do look/ select for the google voice app in the app store and download it for free. 
  • Do accept the terms and conditions by simply clicking continue. 
  • Do look for the area code or do type in your city to pick out a new phone number and do get able to get the services you duly required from them within a given time. 
  • Do follow the prompts to finish settings up and customize your settings by simply being able to below the computer section above. 


The ways mentioned above will guide the google voice app for iPhone free download and get good services from them within a given time frame.

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