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Accomplished advice to upgrade Nortan on windows 10

The antivirus protection service in the device is very effective as it will help the device protect from several viruses. Antivirus protection also allows the device to work fast, and several antiviruses are available, but the best antivirus is Norton. Having Norton antivirus protection will give you several benefits like spyware protection, cost-effectiveness, etc. Norton updates its services regularly so you can receive more facilities. If you are using window 10 and wants to know how do i upgrade Norton antivirus to windows 10, but due to less information, you cannot do it, then you can read below to resolve your queries. 

Different ways to upgrade Norton are below:

Via call: Upgrading the Norton antivirus by taking the help of support members will benefit you as they will guide you in the best possible manner. To connect with the Norton support team member, you must follow the process below. 

  1. Dial this number 1 (855) 815-2726 
  2. Following this, you need to choose the language 
  3. Last you need to follow the IVR 
  • Press 1 If you want to make a new account on Norton
  • Press 2 If you wish to deactivate your account 
  • Press 3 To make the changes in user details 
  • Press 4 to connect with the support team representatives 
  • Press 5 to visit the back menu

Choose an option and connect with a support team member:

Online: If you do not want to connect with the support team member or face issues while clicking on call, you can also choose the online process. You can follow the below points to upgrade Norton to Windows 10. 

  • Open Norton on your device or go to its website.
  • After this, a log page will open where you need to mention your id and password.
  • Next, log in to your account, then click on the plan. 
  • Following this, you need to click on the upgrade plan
  • The next billing information page will come on the screen; you need to recheck it and click Next. 
  • Following this, you must review your order and agree to the terms and conditions. 
  • Further, you need to get started and then install your upgraded Norton. 
  • Last you will receive a mail of successfully upgrading the Norton protection. 

Fix problems with Norton after upgrading to Windows 10

If you are facing a problem after upgrading the Norton to the window and want to resolve it, you can follow the below points. 

Remove other Software: If any antivirus is already installed on your device, you face trouble using Norton; to seek out this issue, you need to remove another antivirus.

Free space: Sometimes the storage of your device is not suffcient, but if you update Norton, the problem of hanging will come. To overcome this issue, you must remove some unwanted files from the device and keep some space free. 

Error: If you see an error page while using Norton or when you update Norton, the error page comes on the screen due to server issues. In this situation, you need to connect with the support team Norton. 

From the above, you will know ways to fix Norton Antivirus fails to update on Windows 10/11, and if you face any issues, then you can also connect with the support team member of Norton to get assistance. 


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