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How long does it take for Microsoft to unlock your account?

Your Microsoft account can be locked if there is any security issue or if you enter incorrect passwords many times. Still, there is nothing to worry about, as it will take only a minute to recover your account.

What do I do if my Microsoft account is locked?

  • Via phone:

You can also reach Microsoft's real person by just calling them. Through a phone call, you will be able to unlock your account. Dial the given Microsoft phone number 1800 102 1100 or 1-805-567-6600. Firstly, when you dial the call, hold it for a few seconds, then the respondent will ask you for details about your account, which you have to tell them.

  1. After giving all the information, a code will come to the number you gave at the time of making the account.
  2. Then, the respondent will enter the code and sign in to the account, and your account will unlock.
  3. After that, you have to set a password, and when we create a new password then, you have the option to enter your password twice. In the first place, it will ask you to enter your changed password then it will ask you to confirm that password.
  • Via alternate mail:

Some people always mention or register their mail id in their account so that if they somehow lose their account, it will be easy for them to recover it. See the following steps for how an email will help you when you unlock your account:

When you click on the forgot password option on your account, you will have the option to recover your password through email. When you click on the forgot password and want to recover it from the mail, a link will come to you. After clicking on that link, you can reset your password. 
Then, you will enter your password twice. That is, whenever you reset a password, you will enter your password twice as a changed password, and then you have to confirm that password.

  • Via Security question:

This is the quickest and simplest way to unlock your account, and You can unlock your account by just answering the question. At the time of creating an account, there is a question asked by the site that answers this question. If you cannot unlock your account, then just answering the question will unlock the account.

How long does Microsoft service take?

It depends on the problem with your account, if there is any serious issue with your account, it will take 24 hours to recover, but if there is only a matter of changing the password, it will resolve quickly. Microsoft's customer services will help you unlock your account in every way, and it also depends on what service you are using.

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