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How much time does it take to get a refund back from is one of the most commonly used websites for booking flights, hotels, and cabs. If you have already made a reservation with them and your plan has been canceled, then you cancel your reservation, and they will refund the amount. If you have any questions like how long does it take to get a refund back from, then it takes around 7 to 10 days, depending upon your bank. You can cancel your reservation anytime with them, and they will refund your amount.

Methods to cancel your reservation at

If you want to cancel your reservation with, there are two methods through which you can easily do it. To know about the steps and process, read the given information, and you can use any of the methods:

Offline method -

This method only requires a mobile phone, and you can contact them anytime.

How do I contact Booking com by phone number? 

You must call the airline on their phone number, and a representative will help you. Following are the steps through which you can get a representative to cancel your reservation:

  • Dial phone number (+1 857-702-4004) from your mobile phone.
  • Choose any language and select the option to cancel your reservation,
  • Then, a representative will also get connected with you.
  • Provide the information regarding your reservation, and the representative will help you cancel your flight.

Online method -

It is one of the quickest methods, and you can do it anytime to cancel your booking. You need a mobile phone and an internet connection to use this method. These are the instructions through which you can use the online process to cancel your booking:

  • Open the official webpage “” using any search browser or the mobile app.
  • Click on the “My trips” section from the main menu.
  • Enter your ticket information.
  • Select the option to cancel your reservation.
  • After that, your refund process will start, and you will get your refund in a few days.

Hopefully, now you have gotten the information about how to get a refund through using online and offline methods. However, if you want further information, visit the official webpage and read the policy regarding cancelation.

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