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How much does it cost to get someone to fix your PC?

Nowadays, the price for repairing your PC has been rising significantly because in the past few years, the hardware and software costs have been rising due to its built cost, and the labor cost is also included within the device which you wish to replace in your device. So, in such a circumstance, the possibility of getting a repair bill at a much higher rate than the average repair cost is quite common. 

Therefore, the repairing cost to get someone to fix your PC would be more likely to depend on your PC’s improper functioning. However, suppose in case you need to know how much does it cost to get someone to fix your PC. In that case, you then have to go through a list of points that are likely to define well the cost for job difficulty and expected bench time and competitively for a professional repair shop.

List of prices according to repair services:

  • Software repair - $40 to $150
  • SSD upgrade - $150 to $400 plus
  • Virus Removal - $49 to $100
  • Data Recovery -$99 to $100 plus
  • PC screen replacement - $125 to $225 plus 
  • Motherboard replacement -$150 to $300 plus.

So, there are a lot of services whose price will vary depending upon the services you will avail for repairing, and the cost for repair might rise as per the service you have chosen from the repair technician. 

Other factors which affect computer repair costs;

  • Configuration of your computer: The PC is a set of components that include hardware, software, and different peripherals that you have plugged in. This is why most of the repair technicians suggest you keep minimal hardware to get less trouble. So, the less you have hardware issues, it will be much easier to repair a PC with less cost.
  • The complexity of PC repair: Once the technician dissembles your entire PC, then it becomes more difficult to assemble it back to normal, and it will cost you a much higher price, and you will have to pay according to the repair complications.
  • The type of device you use: Once you buy a PC, you are provided with a warranty card that generally expires on an average of three years. So, if you carry a warranty card, you won’t have to pay any additional cost for the repair, but if any piece of your device like the screen or hard disk gets cracked or has burst out, you might have to pay the cost. 

What do you call people who fix PC?

The person you hire for your PC repair generally exhibits the qualities of a PC repair technician and is also an IT professional who will help you troubleshoot and repair computers and programs. That’s why you get a query for what do you call a person who fixes PC; therefore, both experts which you hire are both same, and they are highly skilled in their profession, and you will get assistance quite effectively.

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