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How much does it cost to upgrade to QuickBooks?

To upgrade QuickBooks, you need to pay some amount which depends on the types of services you want to avail. The list of various charges for various services of Quickbooks is mentioned as below:

If you want to upgrade to QuickBooks Premier Plus 2022, then the cost of upgrading is $549.99 per year.  The charges for Additional users are $300 per users for the maximum number of users up to five.

  1. Small enterprises with 1 to 3 users can go for QuickBooks Pro whose charges per year is $350.
  2. For Small to medium enterprises, QuickBooks Premier is best. The yearly cost of  QuickBooks Premier is $550 per year.
  3. In case you are owner of large businesses with 1-40 users, you can upgrade to QuickBooks Enterprise whose charges per year is more than $1340.
  • Add-On Pricing for QuickBooks Desktop:

For employees on payroll:

  1. The add on prices for Quickbook pro is $50 per month and $2per month per employee.
  2. For quickbooks premier , the add-on price is the same for pro customers.
  3. For Enterprise Gold users, it charges $2 per employee per pay time for enhanced payroll.
  4. The Silver plan of Quickbooks charges $1340 per year per user. It offers inventory management, industry specific needs, advance reporting ,job costing with best customer services etc.
  • Add-On Pricing for  QuickBooks Mac Plus:

The business owners who operate on Apple can easily install QuickBOoks version of QuickBooks Mac Plus. It supports a maximum of three users and payroll services can be added by paying extra cost.
For MacPlus users, the charge is $349.99 per year. It provides bookkeeping tools and data recovery services.

How much does it cost to upgrade to QuickBooks Online?

Quicbooks gives a free trial for new users for the first month. It also gives discounted service for the starting months for new users. You can also change plans or cancel without any cancellation charges.

The cost to upgrade QuickBooks Online is provided as below:

  1. For simple start: It charges $30 per month and provides an accounting tool for one user license.
  2. For Essentials: It costs $55 for one month and provides features like bill management, time tracking etc for three users.
  3. For Plus: the charge for pus services is $85 for one month. It includes several features like project tracking ,inventory tracking for maximum 5 users.
  4. The upgrade charges for advanced users is $200 for a month. It has features for 25 users like: Business Analytics,  account team, employee expenses, workflow automation etc.

Can you upgrade QuickBooks for free?

Yes, you can easily upgrade quickbooks for free. Upgrade tools can be used to upgrade.

  1. Choose the Help section in the Quickbooks app.
  2. Then Upgrade QuickBooks.
  3. Now  you have to select “Upgrade Now"according to the new version.

Tips and tricks to get QuickBooks update at Best price:

You should wait till the end of your subscription or  change 60 days. Then you don't need to pay twice. 

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