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How to block QuickBooks from accessing the internet?

Are you pondering over How to block QuickBooks from accessing the internet? You can readily follow the steps mentioned in this snippet providing ample solutions to block internet usage by Quickbooks. All you need to do is follow until the end to get prime results. 

How to Stop QuickBooks From Accessing the Internet?

Here is a step-by-step guide that users can follow in order to terminate internet usage by Quickbooks. Prevention of automatic Quickbooks’ access to the internet supports unnecessary downloading of tax tables and numerous unwanted tax files. 

Change Quickbooks settings

Users can resort to changing the vital Quickbooks settings to disable Quickbooks from accessing the internet service on its own. This can be done by sticking to the below-mentioned steps that are as follows: 

  • First and foremost, people need to launch Quickbooks and perform sign-in as a user to further access their account settings to change system preferences. 
  • Next, select the ‘Help’ option and look for the following option on the page: ‘Internet connection setup’. Hit the option: ‘I don’t have an internet connection’. Lastly, select the ‘OK’ option on the page. 
  • Exit out of Quickbooks and then re-login using an administrative account. 
  • Choose the ‘Help’ option on the page and select ‘update Quickbooks’. Make sure that you are able to see Quickbooks not connected to the internet error on your screen. 

Incapacitate your internet connection

Another foul-proof option to disable Quickbooks from accessing the internet is via the following steps: 

  • Select the windows orb option to access the Windows start menu on the page. 
  • Select the ‘Control panel’ and then choose the ‘Network and Internet’ option on the page. 
  • Further, select the ‘Network and Sharing center option followed by the ‘Change adapter settings on the screen. 
  • You can locate the ‘Local area connection’ option on the page. Hit the status option and select the active connection. 
  • Hit the ‘Disable’ option on the page in order to terminate the network connection as far as Quickbooks is concerned. 
  • Launch Quickbooks again to check whether the settings are updated. 

Moreover, users are able to connect with the customer support team at Quickbooks for help with the problems encountered by users as far as using and accessing Quickbooks are concerned. It is better to get help from a person at Intuit if you are unable to rectify some issues. Experts are available round the clock to address all your complications and issues as far as your tax accounts at Quickbooks are concerned.

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