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How to cancel your Norton LifeLock subscription from automatically renewing?

Norton is an anti-virus software that provides safety to the computer and laptops of the users. But unfortunately, it can only provide internal support to their devices, and sometimes due to some external damage, the users incur a considerable loss. During those times, the only smart way to deal with the situation is to save as much cost as possible. If your computer takes a longer time to get repaired in that case, you should cancel your Norton subscription. Now the question that arises in the mind of users is how to cancel your Norton LifeLock subscription from automatically renewing. There are some simple steps that are required to be followed by Norton users to get the best possible help. 

The process to make the Norton subscription from auto-renewal

If the users have to turn off auto-renewal, in that case, these are steps that are required to be followed by you to stop my Norton LifeLock subscription plan from auto-renewal. 

  • The first and foremost step is to sign in to your Norton account.
  • Get onto the 'My Account' page next to the subscription you wish to cancel or renew. 
  • Once you get onto the subscription options, click on 'Cancel Subscription Renewal.'
  • Follow the on-screen process to confirm the cancellation, and you'll receive the confirmation for the same only in your registered email. 
  • A few things must be kept in mind by the users before stopping the subscription of their Norton plan. 
  • Your subscription will continue through the end of the month you have already paid, after which it will stop renewing automatically. 
  • It usually takes a few hours from your request for the changes to get activated.
  • Any other benefits added with an auto-renewal subscription may end when you stop your subscription from automatically renewing.

Does LifeLock automatically renew? 

Yes, Norton LifeLock has the auto-renew option through which the monthly or annual plan of the users gets renewed automatically, and the amount gets deducted from their prescribed mode of payment. The users can stop the auto-renewal, after which their plan subscription will run for the remaining days for which the amount is already paid. The passengers may also get a refund of their subscription amount per the Norton refund policy.

Annual Subscription (One Year or more)

  • As per the Norton LifeLock 60-day money-back guarantee, the purchase of an annual subscription is eligible for a full refund if the users request within 60-days from the date of purchase. 
  • The monthly subscription pack is eligible for a full refund if the cancellation was made within 14-days of the date of the subscription.
  • If your plan has already been renewed under auto-renewal, in that case, it is non-refundable. 

Make sure to visit the official website of Norton and look for the refund policy after canceling your membership subscription plan with Norton and get all the help you need before proceeding with the refund or cancellation.

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