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How do troubleshoot the Computer not Turning on?

Often users find many difficulties due to their Computer stopping working; they should have to troubleshoot their device. Doing the Troubleshoot helps the device in many ways like it will help identify the issues in the device and resolve the problem by implementing the solutions. While doing troubleshooting, the user will be able to fix the problem. Troubleshooting is significant for the daily users of computers. If you need to know How to troubleshoot Computer not Turning on? Then you need to read below.

Reasons why this problem occurs are mentioned below

  • Not connected properly
  • An issue with the CPU
  • Memory or Storage issue
  • Check virus
  • Any issue with the motherboard

The user needs to follow the below-mentioned ways to resolve this problem.

Check power bottom:

If you are working on your device, and suddenly you are getting some issues, in turning on then, you should have first checked the power switch. Simultaneously you should check the power button of the CPU and Computer as well.
Cable connection: Once again, it is essential, but you should check whether the wire is connected correctly to the device. You should check neither the wire is lost nor to short from any end.

Run a storage checker:

If your device runs slowly or not turning on, you need to clear some data and free some space from the device. It is always mandatory to have some available space in the device, if you do not do that, your device will not perform that much effect, and sometimes it will not start.

Uninstall heavy files:

You should have to uninstall the heavy files or files that are not will harm the device, and if you want to use those files, then you should have a larger hard drive that will help you in gaming, videos, pictures, and have more space for software.
Virus issues:

If your device is completely turned on but still you can't able to see anything on the screen, it means your device is affected by some virus or any illegal app which highly affects your device.

Remove the external devices:

Sometimes, the problem is not with your device. The problem is with the external devices like printers, scanners, webcams, etc., which are connected to the device. You should have to remove the external devices for a few moments and try to restart the computer with a mouse, keyboard, and CPU.
Internal wiring:

You have to open your monitor and CPU and check the inside wiring; most of the time, it seems that the wiring issue is from inside the device. If you find any dew inside your device, you should have to open it and keep it in a dry place until due becomes dry.

With the help of the ways as mention earlier, the user will be able to know how to troubleshoot Computer not turning on after restart. Still, if any user finds any issue or has any query left, they should contact your device's official representative. They will provide the best possible solution to solve your query. They provide many ways to connect, like a phone call, chat, or email. The user can choose any mode to connect with the representative.

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