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Learn to use the Xbox Resolver

When you are on Xbox for gaming and wish to find your friend's IP address using the Xbox, Resolver will help you with that. The resolver will help you through this form, the pool of the game tag database, and the IP address. And when you enter the game tag in the resolver, you can get your friends' IP addresses.

Terms and conditions to use the Xbox Resolver 

For using the resolver on the Xbox, then there are certain limitations and conditions under which you can use this.

  • In order to access the game tag, you must be friends with the person whose game tag you wish to access 
  • And if you do not know a friend, and wish to get the IP address, send the friend request because you can copy the game tag after accepting the request.
  • When you enter the resolver id, the game tag you are entering must be online. And if it is not online, it might be possible that the system cannot track the right IP address.
  • You must also have paid accounts when you are tracking the paid game tag id.
  • With the help of the resolver also, an unpaid user cannot track the paid user's IP address.
  • If the game tag is not registered in the database, then you might not be able to find the IP address.

Procedure to obtain the IP address by using the Xbox Resolver

If you need guidance in obtaining the IP address of Xbox by using the resolver, then at the bottom you will find the step for that and by which your doubts likewise this how to use Xbox resolver to find IP address? It might be eradicated.

  • First, you must click on the Xbox and sign in to your accounts.
  • When the Xbox opens, you must find the person whose IP address you wish to locate.
  • When you have located the person, copy the person's game tag ID while visiting the profile.
  • After this, you have to open the Xbox resolver and enter the game tag id, which you have copied, then select the enter option.
  • Further, the Xbox resolver will compare your entry to its database. And if the game tag is registered, you can find the IP address accompanying it.

Furthermore, when you read here then, you might be able to get an answer for the query. Likewise, how do you find someone's IP address on Xbox? But after this, if you have confusion or question, then communicate with customer service, and you can find the solutions.

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