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What Should I Do When QuickBooks Email Not Working?

Quickbooks users are often complaining about Quickbooks email not working. There are multiple things that one can do in order to eradicate issues and compilations with Quickbooks email. If you are interested in resolving errors with your Quickbooks email or account, you have to  come to the exact right place. Let us consider two questions in order to have a proper understanding of what can be done in order to get ample support and assistance as far as Quickbooks emails are concerned. 

What Should I Do When QuickBooks Email Not Working?

People are able to get instant solutions as far as Quickbook errors are concerned by navigating to the official website where they are able to perform certain steps in order to solve issues interfering with their otherwise smooth experience with the application. 

Here are some of the steps that one can take to resolve Quickbooks email not working: 

Step 1 /. Edit your admin privileges. 

People need to make sure that their Quickbooks is not set to automatically run as an administrator. 

  • First and foremost, users need to close Quickbooks desktop.
  • Select the ‘Windows start’ menu on the screen and type Quickbooks in the search tab. 
  • Open the file location as the next step by locating the Quickbooks icon on the page.
  • You can see some folders and people need to right-click on the following: quickbooks.exe file. Further, select the ‘Properties’ option on the page.
  • Next, users need to select the compatibility tab and must de-select the following option on the screen: run this program as an administrator. 
  • Hit the apply option and select the OK option on the page.

How do I resolve email issues in QuickBooks Desktop?

Here is yet another way to make things work for your QuickBooks email as far as your account is concerned. You can follow the steps mentioned below which are as follows:

Step 1/. Edit your email preferences. 

  • First and foremost, open QuickBooks and select the ‘Edit’ option on the page in order to select the ‘Preferences’ option.
  • Choose the ‘Senf Forms’ option from the menu that reflects on the screen.
  • Open the ‘My Preferences’ tab on the page and choose the ‘Outlook’ option. 
  • Finally hit the ok option.

Step 2/. Run some checks on your Internet explorer email preferences.

  • Select Quickbooks and open the Internet Explorer option on the page.
  • Choose the ‘Tools’ option followed by the ‘Settings’ menu on the page. Look for Internet options. 
  • Next, users need to choose the Programs tab followed by the Set Programs option on the page. 
  • Choose the following option: set your default programs and further choose the email service you wish to use.
  • Select the ‘Apply’ option on screen and hit ok to save the changes made by you.
  • Lastly, close internet explorer.

Step 3/. Re-install Quickbooks.

Users can delete QuickBooks in order to perform re-installation.

Re-install the Quickbooks desktop again in order to troubleshoot basic issues and complications with your account.

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