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Why is my QuickBooks not syncing between computers?

Among the best accounting software around, QuickBooks is one such platform, which is accounted for in the top software available. The users of QuickBooks often prefer to sync their files between two computers. This is a much more accessible, simpler, and hassle-free process. If you are still facing issues and can’t get QuickBooks 2021 to sync up on 2 computers, go through the content below to get detailed help. 

To merge Company Files, follow the below-given step: 

  • Install and download the data transfer utility from Intuit on the primary computer. 
  • Copy and paste the company file from the secondary computer to the primary computer. 
  • Launch QuickBooks on your primary computer. 
  • Click on “File,” choose “Open or Restore Company,” and open “Open a Company” on the secondary computer. 
  • Select “Export data from the Source Company” from “Open Source Company” in the data transfer utility. 
  • Click on “Yes and give access if QuickBooks is not running.” Then click on “Continue,” “Yes,” and “Done” at last. 
  • Search for the “Close” option from the file menu and close the company. 
  • Click on the “Open Company” option from the file option on QuickBooks. 
  • From the “Import data into destination company,” choose the “Option Destination Company” from the data transfer utility. 
  • Tick on “Yes and give access if QuickBooks is not running.” 
  • Find and close the window to close the tab that is currently connected to the field in the data transfer utility. 
  • Then, choose and select the type of data you want to import by clicking on “Type of Data” and choosing “Change” to change it. 
  • Select the dialogue “Yes, Always permit access even if QuickBooks is not Running” and allow the application to get access to your personal data. 
  • Then, select the “Continue,” “Yes,” and “Done” tabs in the QuickBooks. 
  • This will now synchronize the files and data between the primary and secondary computers. Now you can Delete the secondary source file from the primary computer once you are done importing the data. 

How can't get Quickbooks 2021 to sync up on 2 computers?

You can also do it using a database setup to sync the two computers. This process can be achieved by using the database server setup. Still being stuck somewhere and don’t know why is my QuickBooks not syncing between computers; get in touch with the concerned department for help. For further assistance, contact Customer Support.

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