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How to configure Windows 10

Are you a window software user? Then you must be aware about it’s popularity. Windows is one of the world leading and most popular software product in the world. It is extensively used in the office space as well as commonly found in every personal computer in the world. It is made by one of the leading technological giant in the world i.e. Microsoft. We all aware of the role of it in revolutionizing the software Industry. Windows is known for its simplicity, easy to use as well as various features and each times it comes something new updates with extra features. But sometimes new user does face issue while operating the new windows software update. This happens to most of the time. One of the key issue these days user face is regarding how to configure Windows 10. User can take the assistance from the technical support team or follow these simple procedure to fix the problem :

  • Open the start menu and search for the Account.
  • Now choose the Manage your account.
  • Then click on the sign in button and log in with a local account instead.
  • Afterwards, create a new Username and password and then make sure to log out or log in with the new credentials.
  • Now Afterwards click on the settings app of the same section.
  • Then you can configure your camera, Microphone, contacts, calendars and message according to your wish within given a possible suggestion.

How to configure Windows 10 Firewall

In case, If you ever face any further problem related to antivirus like, how to configure Windows 10 firewall, then open your control panel and then go to the window firewall settings and again enable or disable the firewall according to one wish.

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