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Are you seeking? What are the steps of Google account recovery?

We are living in a digital world with much integration and more ways of communication. The Internet is providing a medium to enhance your interaction. The roles of-of web search engines in connecting the internet cannot be undermined. It is the common basic tool that provides the medium to connect with the agnatical information Pandora box. One such web searching giant is “Google‘’.

Who doesn’t have heard about Google? One of the most popular and leading web search engine in the world which help us connect to the internet. With more than billions of searches every minute, it’s a testimony to the popularity of Google. It is known not only for the speed but accuracy as well as the rate of precision of their result. Not only one can search through text-based search but also tops in the list of Image searches. But despite that, all Google users do face problems one of them is how to recover Google account passwords.

For Google account users, the username and password of the account are the basic requirements to access the account. If you have lost your account password and cannot access your Google account, you need to recover the password.
When access to a Google account is denied. One can take the help through Google Account Recovery, or follow these simple procedures:

  •     Go to the official webpage of Google-
  •     You are asked to enter the email address or username for the account.
  •     On the next page, click the option to forget the password.
  •     With this option, you will get recovery options. You can use a suitable option.

Here are the recovery options:

    Enter any last remembered password for the Google account.
    Select the date when you created this Google account.
    Enter the recovery phone number to receive the security code.
    Finally, the option of alternate email is there, where you will find the code in the email.
For any assistance related to, you can contact Google help.

Google account recovery page

Know the various modes of to ensure the Google or Gmail account:

All of us end up forgetting the password of online accounts and then juggle with logging in. Especially most of the users lose the password of Google account since it is used by maximum users. However, for the accessibility of Google users, there are a few methods of account recovery that can be used to fix the lost password

If you have also lost the password of your Google account for the first time but have no idea about the Google account recovery then use any of the below-given methods.

By Alternative email address:

 If you choose to use your alternative mail to recover the lost password, open the sign-in page and click on the lost password.
As you click on it, you will be redirected to the Google account recovery page.
On choosing the email method, you will receive a recovery code on that mail. Enter the recovery code in the box and set a new password. Re-enter the lost password to confirm and you will be done.
By Using the recovery phone number:

1. On forgetting the password of the Google account, you can also use the phone number to reset the lost password.
2. As you select the option on the recovery page, you will receive a recovery code on the text.
3. Now enter the verification in the security box and set a new password. Re-enter the Google password to confirm and you are done!

By answering the security questions:

1. To recover the lost password with the help of security questions, open the sign-in page and click on lost password and proceed ahead.
2. As you choose the security questions, you will be asked a few questions that you have to answer.
3. Once the answers get verified, the user can set a new password of their own choice and re-enter the password to confirm.

Things to keep in mind while setting the lost password

To recover the lost password of the account, make sure to set a new password that is stronger than before so that nobody can hack it. But if you forget the password frequently, then for convenience you can write it down in case you forget it. Never enter any phone number or any personal information if in case everybody knows about it. Try to include digits and alphabets both to create a strong password so that you don't have to take the help of the Google account recovery page. And you are done! With the help of a Google account recovery phone number and mail, the user can reset the password. In the case of more doubts, contact the customer care team.

Google Account Recovery Phone Number

If you ever face any problem then call on Google account recovery phone number. Their technical support representative will make sure that immediate help is provided to you in order to make sure that you validate the account and you have access to your account.