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How to configure Windows live mail

Windows live mail let you all important tasks that finally results in completion of work.You are using windows live mail for a long time and it is quite useful to you. But, maybe you find a certain situation that might not be according to you. To get help in such situations, you should contact technical experts immediately.

Multiple queries are there that have been resolved by experts. Here, you can see a resolution to Windows live configuration problem:

How to configure Windows live mail in windows 7?

It is first required to open Windows Mail. A link will appear on the left side for “Add email account”

You need to enter your email address, password, and Display Name.

Tap the check box that says “Manually Configure server settings for this account”, tap the “Next” option

It is required to specify the account is going to be POP or IMAP.

Now, the incoming server will be

You need to check box for “This server requires a secure connection”.

Now, the port # will change to 995 and you need to set “Log on Using” to “Clear text authentication” if it will not already be selected.

You need to give Login ID as your mail server account name.

The outgoing server will be is required to change port to 465, tap the checkboxes for “This server requires a secure connection ” and “My outgoing server requires authentication”

Tap “Next”, and select “OK” at the next dialog

Now, the process has been “Finished.”

It now needs to look that whether “how to configure windows live mail” issue has been fixed or not. If you still need assistance, you should reach customer support team.

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