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How to configure Windows server

When going to install Windows Server 2008 DHCP server is pretty easy to a role for a Windows 2008. For this aim, you must be sure that you have already installed and configured Windows Server 2008 with a static IP address. So it is important to know the network IP address range, that you want to hand out to your PC. If you did nothing, you need to configure the server accurately.

But if you don't know that how to configure Windows server, it is time to contact windows tech support experts who will guide you the right steps to get the issue fixed within a time. All you need to do is just follow the tutorial given by the tech support representative for all the users having the same problem.

Here are the ways on how to configure Windows server 2008:

  • First of all, click add role Wizard, and click next and the DHCP server role and click next button.
  • Enter the parent Domain, Primary DNS Server, and Alternate DNS Server and press next button.
  • Now enter the domain and DNS information and enter the IP address with the range of sun\mnbet mask. 
  • Click the next button and choose to disable button for the particular server and click next button.
  • Now click the install button and wait for a second. If showing the installation process succeeded.
  • Click the close button and move to the how to manage DHCP server accordingly of IP address. 

If having an issue while managing DHCP server, contact tech support in a person who will offer you right concern to use and fixes the multiple issues at a time.


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