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How to find HP printer IP address?

HP Printers is number one printer brand in the market. Its superior and cost-efficient printing technology has captured a majority of users in the market. Many users buy and use HP printer for personal as well as office purpose. Installation and uninstalling an HP printer is an easy process rather you should be somewhat technically skilled to do so.

You can also create a network with your HP printer to use it over a network. To do so, you must know the IP address of your installed HP printer. Many users have issues finding the IP address of their printer, they should follow the below steps to know how to find HP printer IP address.

  • Connect the printer to the computer.
  • Check the name of the HP printer over the network.
  • Press “Windows+R” at the same time and type “cmd” to start the command line interface.
  • Type “ping printer name”, you will get the IP address of the printer.
  • You can also get the IP address of the printer through a control panel
  • To do so, open the control panel and click on “Devices and Printers”.
  • Select the printer and go to its properties option.
  • Click on the “Ports” tab. You will get the IP address of your HP printer there.

HP Printer Support Number

Many printers are able to be hooked up to a network through an Ethernet cable and a router. This allows any computer that is also connected to the network to install printer drivers and connect to and use the printer to print files and documents. If you have issues connecting your HP printer with a network, call out toll-free HP printer support number and get instant support to resolve the issue.

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