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How to find HP printer serial number?

A serial number is a unique set of number that identifies a product. It may be necessary when you call the HP printer tech support team for any technical help. On most of the HP products, the serial number is printed over the top or back of the product. It is printer over a sticker which you should note down for future use.

If you own an HP printer, you must know the serial number of the printer. In case of any mishappening with your printer, you need to call the HP support team and verify your product telling them the serial number of your printer.

How to find HP printer serial number?

The warranty status can be checked using the serial number. Whenever you face technical issue with your printer, keep ready the serial number as it is the only way to verify your product and its warranty. To find the serial number of a HP printer, follow the below steps:

  • Pull out your printer out of its location and look at the back of the device. Most of the HP printers often have its serial number placed on a small white roof near the connection bush.
  • Print a configuration page to check the serial number. To print a configuration page, scroll through the printer control panel until you reach the “Information” menu.
  • Scroll through “Information” in the menu until you see a “Print Configuration Page” option.
  • Click “Select” to print the configuration page. Look at the printed page and find the serial number listed there.
  • For printers without an exhibit window, you can often print a configuration page by holding the power button until the page starts printing.

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