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How To Fix Outlook Not Receiving Emails Errors

Gmail and Outlook are known to everyone and users fondly use both the email services. Gmail is developed by Google and is a very prominent email service across the world. With its easy user-friendly interface and instant response, people prefer this email service. Similarly, Outlook email services are equally known and preferred by users. Outlook email generally is used by Microsoft Windows users either on a mobile phone or a PC.

Outlook Not Receiving Emails             

Users who use both Gmail and Outlook simultaneously has many benefits while recovering the account, storage spaces, inbox preferences etc. To make the recovery and incoming messages work smoothly on both the emails, many users combine these emails from “Settings” option each. It has been observed that users face issues like Outlook not receiving the emails due to which they are unable to update themselves frequently.

Outlook Not Receiving Emails From Gmail

Same issues have been observed with the users who have connected Outlook and Gmail together to save the messages. If any of you are facing the issue Outlook not receiving an emails from Gmail then you can check the inbox settings of each mail. The reason behind this can be that Gmail inbox uses the POP3 type of inbox settings which is the same as Outlook then clashes might be possible. Also when your Outlook inbox capacity is full then also you can face the same issue.

To solve your issue you can delete the unwanted text messages so that your Outlook works smoothly.    

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