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Google Account Recovery

We are living in a digital world with much integration and more ways of communication. The Internet is providing a medium to enhance our interaction. The roles of-of web search engines in connecting the internet cannot be undermined. It is the common basic tool which provides the medium to connect with the giangatical information Pandora box. One such web searching giant is “Google‘’.

Who doesn’t have heard about Google? Google is one of the most popular and leading web search engine in the world which help us connect to the internet. With more than billion of searches every minute, it’s a testimony to the popularity of the Google. It is known not only for the speed but accuracy as well as a rate of precision of their result. Not only one can search through text-based search but also tops in the list of Image searches. But despite that Google user do face problem one of them is how to recover google account password. One can take the help through Google Account Recovery, or follow these simple procedures :

· First of all go to the Google website.

· Further click on the login button.

· Again click on I don’t know my password.

· Write to your email address then sign in to the Google and click on continue.

· If one knows the last password then click on continues.

· If one doesn't know it then click on I don’t know.

· Select the mode of resetting your password either through otp via mobile verification code ( OTP ) or a by email. Then click on Continue.

· In order to move ahead of Google Account Reset with the phone, then one just need to select the reset the password by phone. One will quickly receive OTP on their phone listed on the website. Write down the OTP in the required field and your password will be changed.

· One can similarity does with the Recovery email address, just select the recovery email address and a link will be sent to your address.

Google Account Recovery Phone Number

If you ever face any problem then call on Google account recovery phone number. Their technical support representative will make sure that immediate help is provided to you in order to make sure that you validate the account and you have access to your account.