Does Aol charge for tech support?

How can I get AOL tech support for free?

Getting technical issues when using an AOL account or its related services is not a new thing as the users confront numerous technical issues whenever using AOL products or services on multiple devices. But when things come to get the tech support, then lots of questions come to every user’s mind such as does AOL charge for tech support, what kind of services can be obtained in their tech support, etc. If you are also confused by some of your questions regarding the tech support of AOL, then you should read this article to understand every single thing.

Does AOL charge for tech support?

AOL proffers tech support to all the users in order to enjoy smooth and reliable working conditions. Tech support provided by AOL to the users is included in the AOL membership that you purchase for a particular product or service. It doesn’t charge any cost for providing tech support to AOL users. But there are lots of third-party tech support service providers that advertise their tech support and you should not go through them as they are not a part of AOL.

What does AOL charge for?

AOL doesn’t charge for most of its services but there are some products and services available that are payable like AOL Desktop Gold which is the latest version of AOL Desktop that proffer the extra security features and provide the instant messaging facility. AOL charges for this version around $5 per month whereas the other versions are completely free to use and you can also enquire about it after visiting the official AOL website.

Is AOL free or not?

If you don’t use dial-up and already connected to the internet, then you can simply access AOL email, software, and other related services that are absolutely free. Some of the free AOL services to access are given below:

  • You can use your email account and username at
  • AOL-related security services that protect your account against spam, or any other unwanted hacking activities.
  • All kinds of AOL videos.
  • You can make the search for free on AOL Search.

If you are still confused regarding any kind of service provided by AOL, then you can directly contact the customer support team of AOL for reliable assistance in every single problem or query.

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