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Google drive is not working

Google – it is an American International technology Company which has its specialization in internet services and the products related to it such as online advertising technology, search engine, cloud computing, software and the hardware.

Google drive – it is the file storage and the synchronization services developed by Google which allows the individual to store the files, synch them and one can also share the files, In relation to a website Google drive offers apps for Windows, Mac computers as well as for the Android and iOs smartphones. It also gives a certain amount of free storage as it is widely used there can be some problems associated with it which can be taken care in the following ways.

Google drive is not working on the Mac

If the individual is using the Google drive on Mac at times there is a possibility that one is not able to use the same apply in this case on can take the steps as mentioned below.

  • Exit the drive app
  • Look for the finder window and open the same
  • Press command +shift +G- now it will open a small panel where the individual will be required to enter the directory location
  • Put in /Library/Application Support /Google
  • Delete the drive folder (restart back up and Sync)
  • Open the drive app

Important to know that some files cannot be synced in this one has to do that manually and if the individual is finding some concern then one has disconnected and then reconnect the account and if the individual is still struggling to get the solution one can seek help from the Google forum and is able to get the best expert advice.

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