How do I get my Dell computer fixed?

How do I get my Dell computer Fixed?

There may be many reasons your Dell is now working, or it is slow down, etc. To fix all of them, first, check whether it is on warranty or not? Because, if it is under warranty you can register a complaint in Dell computer service department. In case there is no warranty, you need not get worried. You can read the complete information below to fix your dell computer.

Fix the dell computer issues

When you have any Dell computer issue, we can divide it into three main categories. Your computer may have a hardware issue, software issue, or it may require accidental repair. You can install the cases; call the Dell customer support team to help you; the customer support team will guide you. If you find that your Dell computer has a hardware issue, you can follow the step below.

Diagnostic for Hardware issues:-

  1. You can order depot diagnostic for the hardware issue, including investigating hardware issues like battery, no power, hard drive issue, not charging, keyboard issues, screen issues, etc.
  2. The dell team will send you a pre-paid box along with the shipping label soon. You can easily back up all your data here; you can remove the passwords, accessories excluding the AC adapter before the packing.
  3.  The Dell team will diagnose your PCs at the repair facility and email you a repair quote. Once your review the quote, you can approve it or deny it. If you are O.k., you can pay it online.
  4.  Once the Dell team fixes your computer, they will send the PC back. The complete process takes 5-7 days for express service and 11-16 for standard services.
  5. If you are not satisfied with the quote, you can check Dell computer repair near me on your Google and compare the quotes from the nearby repair shops.

Diagnostic for Software related issues:-

  1. Common software issues are no boot, windows error, slow performance, password issues, wireless and internet connection, viruses, etc. In case you have a software issue, you can go through the process below.
  2. Go to the dell official website; there, you can place an order to diagnose software issues.
  3. Now select and schedule a window time as per your convenience for the software services. If you don’t get a callback or the expert team can’t reach you, you can re-schedule the software callback when you are available. Make sure you have your system nearby.
  4. The software specialist will assist you in diagnosing the software issue. In case your software issues didn’t get solved. You will get a full refund for the fee you paid.

Diagnostic of accidental repair

In case you have an accidental issue, like drops, spills, etc. You can protect your computer by buying accidental repair services along with premium support plus, or you can also ass it to your base warranty packages. But in case your computer is too old to buy any accidental repair, you can contact the Dell customer support team.

How do I get my dell computer fixed? So using the information above, you can fix your Dell computer issue anytime. You can also repair your computer in local shops, but as it’s not trustworthy, it’s recommended that you take help from the Dell support team.

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