How to restore my old AOL homepage back?

How to restore my old AOL homepage back?

AOL Account has been one of the most used email platforms for people who exchange emails or access web services with their professional and personal counterparts. However, sometimes users are unable to access AOL as their homepage. And if you are facing similar issues then you can take the help of this blog. The steps to restore the browser are quite simple and you can easily do it with the help of the following menu.

Basic steps to get AOL Homepage back

Are you looking for the steps that can help you to find answers to how to make AOL my homepage?

1.Go on your device and tap to open the internet explorer on the device.

2.In the uppermost section of the page, go on the tools icon that is present in the uppermost icons.

3.Choose the internet option from the drop-down menu section of the page.

4.In the general tab, now tap on the link of .com

5.Tap on the apply button and confirm by clicking on okay.

Please take note of one thing that if you set one page that you wish to set as homepage then click on the current button. Also if you want to check that the homepage has been set up correctly or not then tap on the home icon for confirmation.

How can I access my old AOL account?

Once you have found about how to make AOL my homepage, you can visit all the most visited websites every time you open up your web page. Also, to fix AOL as a homepage, the following steps can also help you with the settings.

Steps to find AOL Homepage back

If you are constantly trying to fix the doubts of how do I get my AOL homepage back then these steps can help you to find the answer.

1.First of all open up the internet browser on your device.

2.After this open the homepage that you want to set up as your homepage and then move further.

3.Next tap on the screen right side followed by the settings menu. Now if you are using the mouse then go for the screen lower right corner and then make sure to tap on the settings menu.

4.Now next, Tap on the link of options followed by tapping on customizing the link.

5.Click now to add any other site and then edit the URL and now click on the link on the site to make your homepage and done!

Contacting the customer support team

In case you are still not able to fix the doubts related to the AOL homepage then you can contact the customer care team of AOL. The helpline number of AOL can be contacted anytime in 24x7 for all the doubts related to your account. You can communicate with the support team of AOL by dialing the helpful number and then talking live to the people.

Meanwhile, if you are not able to dial the helpline number then you are also free to exchange emails on the support team and fix the issues related to How do I get my AOL homepage back.

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