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How do I talk to someone on YouTube?

YouTube Live is a simple way for creators to communicate with their audience in real-time.  Does YouTube support live? YouTube has software to help you handle live streams and connect with viewers in real-time, whether you're broadcasting an event, teaching a lecture, or hosting a workshop. 

Creators can live stream on YouTube using a camera, a mobile device, or an encoder. For beginners, webcam and smartphones are great options because they allow creators to go live quickly. More advanced live streams, such as sharing the creator's screen or transmitting gameplay, connecting to external audio and video hardware, and managing an advanced live stream output, are best done with encoder streaming (like multiple cameras and microphones). Every day, people from all over the world visit YouTube to witness the world's most significant cultural events. YouTube Live and Premieres encourage producers to bring audiences together in real-time to learn, debate, and create new social networks, whether they're hosting a live charity event, a town hall meeting. 

How to contact YouTube Tech Support? 

This website will show you how to contact YouTube about common problems like content issues, harassment, security violations, and copyright claims. While you can try to contact YouTube through social media or, if you're a qualified partner, via the Creator Support Team, the reality is that there is no reliable way to contact YouTube and obtain a response. Keep in mind that YouTube does not have an email or phone number that you can use to contact them directly, and calling the YouTube support line would only get you an automated assistant asking you to use the YouTube Help center (which is your best bet in most cases anyway). 

Making Use of Social Media

  1. Please keep in mind that contacting YouTube via this form is unlikely to result in a response. YouTube has a strong social media presence, but they rarely respond to comments or direct messages in which they are tagged.
  2. If you ever manage to strike up a conversation with a YouTube employee, you're unlikely to get personalized input beyond assurance that your concern is being addressed or instructions to use the YouTube Help Center.
  3. Tweet on YouTube Page. Twitter is one of the most promising ways to reach out to YouTube.  Leave a comment on a YouTube Facebook update. YouTube, like most big corporations, has a Facebook page where they post updates; however, you're less likely to get through on Facebook due to the high amount of content on their posts.

Being in touch with the Creator Support Team 

  1. Keep in mind that you must be qualified for this form. YouTube is a little unclear on what you need to do to be "worthy" to contact the Creator Support Team, but you'll need to be a YouTube partner and have at least 10,000-lifetime channel views.
  2. Since they only recently passed the 10,000-lifetime views threshold, some creators who meet this requirement are still unable to contact YouTube.

Contact the Creator Support Team (YouTube tech support)  via email. Do the following once you've checked that you have access to the Creator Support Team's resources:

  1. Choose a category that encompasses your problem.
  2. Select the connection to contact the Creator Support team.

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