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How to Delete History in Google Chrome?

Google Chrome is one of the leading and famous web browsers, which widely used millions of users, all across the world. The browser is a safe, reliable and user-friendly, which gives to users, the best browsing experience. However, sometimes, users don’t want a record of that website they have just visited in the Chrome, thus users can easily and quickly delete all recent and previous browsing history of their Chrome, which also helps in smooth running.

How to Delete Browsing History in Google Chrome?

  • First of all, open the Google Chrome browser on your PC or Laptop.

  • At the top right side of the system hit on “More” option (three dotes points).

  • Then go the “History” tab.

  • Next, touch on “Clear Browsing Data” option, at the left side of the screen.

  • Then you will see drop-down, so pull it, and you can select how much history you want to delete.

  • When the options will appear, then check "Browsing history checkbox". It may be checked by default. (To clear everything, hit on “beginning of time” option)

  • Uncheck and check the other boxes, according to your needs.

  • Then tap on “Clear browsing data” option.

Now your chrome history has been deleted.

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