How to Format Acer Laptop

How to Format Acer Laptop?

Acer Inc. is a Taiwanese multinational hardware and electronics organization. Acer was founded in 1976 by the Stan Shih Chen Jung, George Huang and Carolyn Yeh. And firstly, they named the company as ‘multitech international'. And they started designing hand-held electronic games. This organization is instituted in Xizhi, New Taipei, Taipan. In 1981 the company was given the name ‘Acer Inc.’. This company was established in almost 41 years ago and today this company has provided all of their manufactured products in the worldwide.

This company made many products and one of their first famous product was ‘Micro professor’ which provided emolument for their future projects. After establishing the first famous product of the company, then they started fabricating pc's and provide it to the many companies in all around the world. Acer also sells gaming pc’s and accessories. In 2015 Acer was the sixth-largest personal computer vendor. This company has made so many products which are, desktop, laptops pc's, table computers, servers, displays, storage devices, smart phones. And moreover, this company also provides e-business to consumers, government, and businesses.

How to format Acer laptop Windows 7 without cd

If you're a consumer of Acer Inc. and you have laptop, computer and you're having troubles and asking how to format Acer laptop, and how to format it without cd (Earlier, you should have needed cd to format the acer laptops or reinstall window operating systems, but now, because of the latest laptops window installer is already installed in hard drive) so here, you'll get the steps of how to format your Acer laptops. And the steps are following:-

  • Make your backup- Firstly, you need to make your backup of the important files, from the ‘C drive' and also from the other drives. And you may shift all of your important files and data to an external hard drive.
  • Turn off your laptop- Then after backing up your important files turn off your laptop(And do not turn off your laptop while running process of format).
  • Turn on your laptop and Press ALT+F10- Then right after making the backup of your data, and turning on your laptop you need to press ALT+F10 (which is the way you may format). Now you need to press and hold the ALT key and press continuously F10 until you don’t see the Acer recovery system is popping up on the window screen. Then you need to select an option which is ‘Restore system to factory default'. And in the conclusion setup will finish and will be ready to use. Now you have mastered yourself on the grounds how to format Acer laptop Windows 7 without cd.

How to format Acer laptop windows 10

Here are the steps to format Acer laptop windows 10:-

  • Open your laptop and go to Settings from Menu
  • Now you need to select Update and Security
  • Then click on the Recovery option from left panel
  • There will be three options in front of you, select Reset this PC by clicking on the Get Started.
  • Then choose either Keep my Files or Remove everything depending upon your need
  • Select either from the two options Just Remove my files or Remove the file and clean the drive
  • Click Next and then Reset when prompted
  • The tap on Continue
  • It will take some time to format your laptop

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