How to Make Google My Homepage on Mac

How to Make Google My Homepage on Mac

Google and Apple both are a highly renowned company of present time and they are rapidly growing by confining millions of users every year. There is several support service from where you can learn how to make Google my homepage on Mac in a few minutes. It is very convenient when we have anything required in front of us. With the approach of the same, there are multiple people who need the process of setting to the homepage on Mac. Mac is very strong device work on its personal operating system thus the process of making homepage here becomes different from others. By having to Google my homepage it is very simple to get the browser and the process becomes quicker.

Make Google My Homepage

Steps for Google To Make My Homepage:

  • Here we are supposing that you are very frequent to your computer device.
  • Here you have to open safari, which is nothing but a browser that is in blue compass shape.
  • Go to the address bar and type Google official link of Google.
  • Next, you have to click on the Safari icon located on the left corner of the screen.
  • Click preferences which are in the third option in Safari menu.
  • Tap on the General tab it the first option in the preferences window.
  • Next tap the Set to current page this will save and set the current page you are seeing as your home page.

The entire above step are very useful. In the case being a user you do not know how to make Google my homepage then follow the above steps.

How to Make Google My Homepage

Making Google home page is not that much tough but it depends on what kind of operating system you use. While making Google my homepage you have to be senior and if possible just take a brief of making it successfully. In the latest world of technology, everything is becoming smooth and all the operating system has delivered the in-built facility through which you can install or make Google my homepage on your desktop either Mac or windows. Some of the people are very frequent is using the computer. All the IT professionals need to search something on the internet and Google is the best search engine as all know. Therefore it is essential to make Google as your home page so that you can use the search engine very conveniently. Some of the features are also included on the homepage.

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