How to Recover Hotmail Account Password?

How to recover a Hotmail account password?

Many times, there comes a situation when the Hotmail users are not able to sign in to their account. The majority of the reasons for this issue include a password, which is forgotten by the users, or sometimes, it's the case with the username of their Hotmail account. Moreover, the hacked Hotmail account also becomes a first-rate purpose of this problem. In those situations, the one question, for which everyone looks to find the answer is how to recover their Hotmail account password. So, in this newsletter, you will discover the exceptional steps to recover your Hotmail account password.

Hotmail Password Recovery Process 

  • The first and foremost step is to go to the official password reset web page via Hotmail password reset.
  • The subsequent step is to select the cause, why the users need to reset their Hotmail account password.
  • Then, after clicking on the Next button, the users have to type the email address of their Hotmail account in the given respective field.
  • After that, the captcha characters given on the image have to be entered properly in the next box and then, the NEXT button should be clicked.
  • Next, the phone number of the users, which is associated with their Hotmail account has to be entered on the field, and finally, the one-time password, which the users will receive after entering their phone number has to be entered on the next screen after clicking on the NEXT button and again after that, the NEXT button has to be clicked.
  • So, eventually, there comes a display screen for the Hotmail password restoration whilst the users need to enter their Hotmail account password inside the first field and it has to be re-entered in the second field.

Hotmail Password Reset

If you are an active user of online accounts then you must have a Hotmail account. Hotmail provides you one of the email services out there and it also makes sure that your personal details are protected. 

How do I reset my Hotmail Account Password? Steps here

If you are thinking about how to do Hotmail Password Reset, then you are in right place. Make sure that your new password contains both numbers and an alphabet. Follow the steps - 

  1. Go to the recovery page of Hotmail.
  2. Enter your email password and click on forgot password. 
  3. You have three ways to change your Hotmail account password –
  • By Phone Number, 
  • Using Email, 
  • Answer the security questions
  1. You can opt for any method. 
  2. By using an email or phone number you will get a verification code. 
  3. As soon as your verification is done you will get the pop-up where you can enter your new password and save it

It is recommended that you change your account password every once a month. This is for protecting your account from any sort of external threat or from stopping unauthorized users.

So, if you are still facing difficulties while performing the Hotmail Password Reset using the above steps, then the best thing for you would be to contact the Hotmail customer service team as soon as possible.

Where should I go If forget the Hotmail password?

Sometimes person forgets the password of the Hotmail account and it is quite common. It occurs most of the time when someone changes the password quite often that leads them to forget the password. But, there can be some possibilities many more different reasons too. If you have forgotten the Hotmail password, then you can go with the recovery page

  • First of all, go to the official website of the  Hotmail account.
  • Next, go to the Hotmail login page
  • Now, here provide them with the ID and click on the forget password option
  • Here you can choose the method for recovery, for example, if you choose the phone number, then you will receive the code and that you have to mention on the provided place 
  • Next, you can set the new password, and then you can go to the login page 

You can see where you can visit when Hotmail account forgets password situations occur. So you are free to connect with the service team too for further support.

How to get Hotmail recovery if no Access to Recovery Options?

Hotmail is the son of Microsoft which is now known with its other name called Outlook. If you are facing the issue where you are not able to recover your account, you have come to the right place. This article will help you with Hotmail recovery even if you don’t have access to the other recovery options like email or phone numbers.

Steps to recover your Hotmail account

  • At first, visit the official page of Microsoft
  • You will see a different option on the left side of the screen
  • Click on the Hotmail Account recovery form
  • You will see the account Recovery form button that you need to click.
  • Write the email id you want to recover in the first column
  • Enter an active email id in the second column
  • If you don’t have another id, you can make it at Outlook
  • Enter the Captcha on the screen and click on next
  • You will see a list of different security question
  • Chose the one you selected at the time of making your account
  • Answer it correctly same as you answered last time
  • If the answer matches, you will have the access to your account
  • You can now create a new password and save it somewhere safe.

So, these were the easy steps for Hotmail account recovery if you don’t have the access to your recovery options.



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