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How to Recover Hotmail Account Password ?

Many times, there comes a situation when the Hotmail users are not able to sign into their account. The majority of the reasons for this issue includes a password, which is forgotten by the users, or the sometimes, it's the case with the username of their Hotmail account. Moreover, the hacked Hotmail account also becomes a major cause of this issue. At those situations, the one question, for which everyone looks to find the answer is how to recover their Hotmail account password. So, in this article, you will find the best steps to recover your Hotmail account password.

Hotmail Password Recovery

  1. The first and foremost step is to go to the official password reset web page of the Hotmail account.

  2. The next step is to select the reason, why the users want to reset their Hotmail account password.

  3. Then, after clicking on the Next button, the users have to type the email address of their Hotmail account in the given respective field.

  4. After that, the captcha characters given on the image has to be entered properly in the next box and then, the NEXT button should be clicked.

  5. Next, the phone number of the users, which is associated wth their Hotmail account has to be entered on the field and finally, the one-time password, which the users will receive after entering their phone number has to be entered on the next screen after clicking on the NEXT button and again after that, the NEXT button has to be clicked.

  6. So, finally, there comes a screen for the Hotmail Password Recovery when the users have to enter their Hotmail account password in the first field and it has to be re-entered in the second field.

Hotmail Password Reset

So, if you are still facing difficulties while performing the Hotmail Password Reset using the above steps, then the best thing for you would be to contact the Hotmail Support Team as soon as possible.




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