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How to transfer music from iTunes to iPhone?

iTunes can store lot of music and video files. All the items saved in the iTunes can be downloaded in the iPhone device and save it as required. That is the advantage of saving music and video files in iTunes. This article will describe the steps to save the music or video files from iTunes to iPhone.

How to iTunes to iPhone music transfer? User can manually add items to the iPhone device from iTunes. Here are the steps to transfer the music from iTunes –

  • Connect the iPhone device to the computer.

  • Open the iTunes and always make sure that the user is having the latest version of it.

  • Now select the items to be added to the iPhone from the library.

  • Alternatively for easier process drag the content from iPhone and drop it in the sidebar of the device.

How to iTune to iPhone video transfer?

Using the above mentioned steps user can transfer the music from iTunes library to iPhone. How to iTune to iPhone video transfer? Using the same process user can transfer the video files from the iTunes library to the iPhone.

User the alternate steps for the download of videos –

  • Open the iTunes on the system and scan for media.

  • Next add the video files as required.

  • Then connect the iPhone to the system.

  • Launch iTunes on iPhone and select the video files.

  • For transferring it might take some time depending on the size of the video.

In case of any troubles user can also contact the support team for assistance. Instant solution to these issues can be found over the helpline number.

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