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Sbcglobal server settings for iPhone?

Are you a Sbcglobal email user? Then you can access all your Sbcglobal emails on various devices including iPhone and Android. To access Sbcglobal email, you need to set up an account on your devices with server settings. Without proper and correct server settings, it’s very difficult to set up a Sbcglobal email account. But if you know, then you can easily do that. For further, you can follow the below server settings:

What are Sbcglobal server settings for iPhone?

  • First of all, open the Settings of your iPhone.
  • Go to Mail and then tap on the Add Mail account.
  • Enter for Incoming Mail Server and then type 995 in Server port.
  • Enter for Outgoing Mail Server and then enter 465 into Server port.
  • After that, you can save these settings and access your Sbcglobal account easily.

What are Sbcglobal server settings for Android?

  • Open your Android’s Settings and then click on the Email icon.
  • Click on the Add Account.
  • Enter your email information related to Sbcglobal email.
  • Now type into Incoming Mail Server box.
  • Type into Outgoing Mail Server box.
  • Enter 995 for Incoming and 465 for Outgoing Mail server port.
  • Now Save these settings to use your Sbcglobal email account.

With the help of above-mentioned settings, you can without much of stretch access Sbcglobal email on Android and iPhone.

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