What does AOL charge for?

What does AOL charge for?

Get complete information on what services does AOL charges fees for?

AOL, as you might be aware, it is an American online service provider that offers dial-up, email, and instant messaging services. Well, the users who enrolled for the AOL services might be aware that some services are available for free but a few premium services are chargeable. So, for the users looking for details regarding the charges they can read further and resolve their queries. 

For what services does AOL charge a fee?

For the users who are looking for the details on what does AOL charge for? They can go through the details mentioned and manage their account accordingly. 

As AOL offers multiple services, but users who have opted for email services, they might be charged for the following services under the premium subscription like email id, security settings, premium support services, and more.

What services one can get once they pay to AOL?

To help one get a clear idea and resolve their queries on What do you get when you pay for AOL? They can go through the details mentioned below:

  • Easy switch to free AOL services
  • Can keep the AOL email addresses
  • The user can even save the software, setting, or bookmarked place as long as they wish

Apart from that, when the user makes the payment for the services they are offered the additional services that include:

  • Live tech support services
  • Premium services
  • McAfee security
  • Internet connectivity

Still, if the user has queries regarding the same, they can visit the official support page of AOL and manage their account settings accordingly. 

Does AOL offers free services to its users or not?

For the users who still have doubts on, "Is AOL free or not?" as per the official website of AOL, the users who are already connected to the internet and don't use a dial-up service can still access the AOL services including email, software, other features at no cost. 

And to help users get a clear idea, the user can go through the list of services that would be included in the free AOL services:

  • Username and email account
  • AOL security services to avoid spam, viruses, and pop-ups. 
  • Special contacts
  • Address book
  • AOL video and search services
  • AOL.com services

Thus, these are the few services that are included in the free plan of AOL. However, for the users who still have doubts, they can feel free to visit the support page and resolve the general queries related to AOL services.

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