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Why is my Facebook page not opening?

The way to understand to fix the Facebook page is not opening                    

Facebook is a popular social networking website that is mostly used by everyone. It is the top most choice of the users as it connects people from all over the world. It has so many services and facilities for its users. It is a user-friendly service. You can even play games, post photos and videos and many more. Sometimes, due to dome glitches in the account, the user faces problems in the Facebook account but no need to worry as this problem can be solved easily.

Facebook Not Opening

 If you want to fix the problem of Facebook Not Opening, then you have to follow the below ways.

·       Clear your caches and cookies: Make sure you delete all the caches and cookies from Facebook if you want to fix the issue. After applying, notify me if the issue is fixed or not.

·       Update your Facebook application: Most of the time Facebook problems are caused by the out-dated and unpatched application. So it becomes necessary to update your Facebook application to the latest version.

·       Check your internet connection: Many computer problems occur because of the poor internet connection. Make sure you have proper internet connection.

·       Clear browsing caches: Sometimes, due to the browsing caches problem occurs in Facebook. Check if the issues are fixed or not.

·       Try another browser: You should try different browsers to fix the issue. It is possible that a different browser can fix your problem.

·       Check the Facebook settings: Sometimes, the default settings get disturbed due to which application creates problems. So, once you should check your Facebook settings and set it to default.

Facebook Not Working

These are the simple ways to fix Facebook Not Working, if you need any kind of help, then you can easily contact technical support. They will provide you full customer assistance and help. You will be provided expert guidance and the required assistance. They will give you easy and optimized solutions. They are available 24*7 in your service. You can also visit the help desk.


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